Think cake

Designing a new service and experience isn’t a one off event. It requires constant engagement with users to gather feedback to help refine and improve the design. As you experiment and test, you’ll discover additional opportunities that will change your service for the better. …

Designing a product or service takes time, patience and perseverance. Getting it right you’ll create something customers love. Here’s some simple tips to keep in mind when setting out on your own product or service design journey.

1. Be clear on your proposition

Identify what you’re offering the customer and…

It’s confirmed as an insulinoma.

Those words were both terrifying and strangely reassuring. Terrifying in that I knew I had a rare tumor that can be fatal if left untreated, but reassuring in knowing the symptoms I’d been suffering where real, had a name and could be treated.

Insulinoma is…

Paul Roberts

Work in travel tech. A fan of applying disruptive thinking to age old problems. Passions include writing, reading, ski touring and travel. Opinions are mine.

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